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What are Tearribles?

Tearribles are interactive toys, designed to cater to dogs’ prey drive. They contain special pocket compartments which house detachable limbs and tail. Tearribles allow your dog to experience the satisfaction of “killing their prey” while keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.

What are interactive toys?

Interactive dog toys are toys designed to challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills, provide them with mental stimulation, and strengthen your bond through play. Just fifteen minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to twice that time of running, and is a great way to calm a high-energy dog. Interactive toys have the highest propensity to provide you with endless training opportunities, and often happen to be your dog’s favorite toys to play with (hint: tennis ball, for example, is an interactive toy).

My dog tears up plush toys in seconds- why would Tearribles be any different?

Tearribles are designed to help you stop that behavior, while providing your dog with an outlet to exercise their prey instincts. Dogs are smart, and if you introduce your Tearrible through an interactive game (tug and fetch for example), they quickly understand that Tearribles are your together toy. From that point on, your dog will stop trying to annihilate the toy, and will instead bring it to you to put back together when all limbs are off.

Dogs chew non-food things for two reasons:

  1. they are teething
  2. they are bored
Just be there to put the toy back together for them, and your dog will get to enjoy their Tearrible for a long time.

Are Tearribles chew toys/indestructible toys?

No. Dog teeth, no matter how small, are built to crush bones and tear tendons - there is no material (safe to be in your dog’s mouth) that your dog cannot chew through.

The outside of Tearribles is made of Velboa (the plush-like fabric used to make blankets), which is then lined with mesh for added support. The limbs are attached to the toy via industrial-strength velcro, which provides just enough resistance to give your dog the satisfaction of “killing their victim,” and allows you to put the toy right back together for continuous play.

What size Tearrible should I get for my dog?

Tearrible Tiny is 5” tall (approximately the height of a soda can), and is designed for dogs with very small mouths, like Chihuahuas, Shih-Tzus, Yorkies, and other miniature breeds.

Tearrible Medium is 10” tall (approximately the height of a roll of paper towels) is designed for dogs that are on a bit tougher side, but are not necessarily small or large dogs. They are enjoyed by Dachshunds and pit bulls alike.

Tearrible XL is 14” tall (approximately the height of a 2 liter bottle) and is designed for bigger dogs, with big mouths, who need a bit more of challenge (although we’ve seen a video of a very cute Corgi going at it as well).

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We ship to the EU, UK, Australia, Canada and South America. The shipping will auto-calculate based on the weight and size of your order, as well as the country you live in. It usually runs between $9 and $24 from what we've seen so far.

For EU vat will be collected and calculated at the time of purchase. For AU there is no GST due at this time.

Be advised that the cost of shipping to other countries may not include any applicable VAT or import duty taxes that may be imposed by your country, which would be due by you at the time of delivery.

Please check with your local authorities for details.

For Australian dog owners, we have a dedicated site for AU purchases. Please visit au.tearribles.com.

I would like to sell these at my pet store. How do I make it happen?

We work with independent brick and mortar stores all over US, and would love to hear from you. You can send us a little bit about your store here info@tearribles.com.

Do you offer guarantee for your toys?

We stand behind our products and cover any defects of fabric, stitching, squeakers, and hook & loop (aka velcro). We do not cover any damage caused by misuse (chewing, gnawing, or ripping of individual parts). That being said, every toy we send out comes with a quick start guide that will help you properly introduce your Tearrible, and enjoy it for a long time.

Where are the toys made?

Tearribles are designed in US and made in China. Each batch is tested to meet or exceed children's toy standards in US, UK and EU.

Where are Tearribles shipped from and how long will it take to receive my order?

They are shipped from our warehouse in Florida. All orders ship within 48 hours of being placed, and take 5-7 days to arrive anywhere in the continental US unless you opt for a specific shipping service when you place your order.

I have a question not in FAQ; who can I ask?

We probably have the answer. Email us here support@tearribles.com.