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14" in circumference, with 8 detachable tentacles, and 2 detachable ears.

Industrial-strength hook and loop fastener (aka “Velcro”) on limbs provides enough resistance to simulate that of a regularly-stitched toy, and allows your dog to experience the satisfaction of “dismembering their prey” by pulling the limbs off the toy, without actually destroying it.

Tearribles are interactive toys that will provide you and your dog with hours of fun, bonding time, and give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he/she needs to minimize destructive behaviors which result from boredom and lack of exercise. Tearribles are not a chew toy.


Chris C.
Morrison, CO

December 28, 2023

Great customer service

Our Malinois Shepard mix loves this toy with all of his heart. Our first one didn’t last long and customer service was very kind. We definitely need the fire hose material. I wish there was one with 20 pieces, as our dog rips the six pieces off and waits for us to reattach “just one more time.” He loves it so much, we can’t say no.

Missi Y.
Omaha, NE

October 5, 2023

Great with my boxer

All dogs react differently. My pup was engaged in tearing apart the pieces and chewing on base for squeaker effect. Need, recommended supervision and reattaching during desired play time

Leijah P.

September 26, 2023

Loved Toy

I have a German Shepherd/American Staffie mix and a Lab/Blue Healer mix. We had previously bought 2 tearribles. The GS mix loved the tearribles right out of the gate, but my Healer mix was a little apprehensive (he's a shy boy). I had to come back for more because my big dog loves them so much. But this octopus changed my Healer mix's mind! Both dogs are now enjoying destroying all these toys over and over. It's been such a hit that I've recommended them to friends. Their dogs are also obsessed. I'll probably keep coming back as the tearribles wear out. Which, at the pace they're going, will take a while. Thank goodness!


September 19, 2023

Love it

For Christmas for my Charlie but he loves ALL tearribles

Jessica N.
Poway, CA

September 16, 2023

Fantastic product

This is my dogs new favorite toy! She immediately began tearing off the attachments and quickly picked up which pieces fall off. She loves ripping it up and patiently waits every time I’m putting it back together for her. She would play with it all day. Tough material too!

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