The Ultimate Combo: XL

The Ultimate Combo: XL

Perfect for large dogs!


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This combo is the perfect tool to help you spring into Spring time.

Tearrible XL provide you & your pup with hours of playtime and bonding, while the Baloomba Yak Chew XL will give your pup something natural and digestible to chew on when you don't have time to play (or you just want to catch up on the last episode of your favorite show in peace).

The large Tearribles reflective leash is made with high quality materials, and has two padded handles and reflective stitching for your comfort and safety. The poop bag dispenser fits up to two bags of standard size poop bags, or a poop bag roll and standard size car keys, which makes walking hands free.

The irresistible Baloomba PBJ Delights are made with natural ingredients and make any hiking reward or training session an extra delicious one. They also fit perfectly inside the Tearrible limb pockets for extra rewarding playtime.

  • Tearrible XL (Royal Blue)
  • XL Baloomba Yak Chew (very) long-lasting, all natural
  • Large Tearribles Reflective Dog Leash with 2 padded handles (for heeling and regular walking)
  • Tearribles Poop Bag Dispenser with reflective strip
  • 5 Oz Bag of delicious Baloomba PBJ Delights


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