Tearrible - XL

Tearrible - XL

Perfect for medium and large dogs!
  • Hook and loop (aka ‘Velcro') pockets allow limbs to be ripped off by the dog, and re-attached by owner, for hours of continuous play
  • Lined with strong mesh on the inside to provide extra durability and support
  • Triple-stitching allows toys to be pulled, tugged, and dismembered repeatedly
  • Perfect for an interactive game of fetch, or tug
  • Squeaker is secured inside of a special pocket, preventing it from sliding around the toy during play
  • Super soft, high quality plush makes for a great comfort toy, or a cuddle buddy once the play is done
  • Removable Squeaker
  • Machine washable
  • Tearribles are voluntarily tested to meet or exceed even childrens’ toys standards
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    14" tall, with detachable legs, arms, ears, and tail.

    Industrial-strength hook and loop fastener (aka “Velcro”) on limbs provides enough resistance to simulate that of a regularly-stitched toy, and allows your dog to experience the satisfaction of “dismembering their prey” by pulling the limbs off the toy, without actually destroying it.

    Tearribles are interactive toys that will provide you and your dog with hours of fun, bonding time, and give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he/she needs to minimize destructive behaviors which result from boredom and lack of exercise. Tearribles are not a chew toy.

    Squeaker is removable and replaceable by being secured inside a special pocket, preventing it from moving or sliding around the toy during play.


    Sandy K.
    Acworth, GA

    February 11, 2023

    Pit bull love

    My pocket pit ( appr. 55 #) loves this..to death...he has only completely destroyed one but the other 3 are still being enjoyed!

    JAHN P.
    chicago, IL

    February 9, 2023

    Even the Carcass is Adored

    Hours of tearing and squeaking, but even 2 years later, this is the toy she grabs when she wants to play. No arms, legs or ears left, and all of the stuffing has been lost, but she brings it to bed for a pillow, and loves when I put my hand inside and animate it. Can't go wrong with these high quality toys!

    Dawn Q.

    February 5, 2023

    He loves it

    Mine arrived yesterday- I only gave him one of them. He loves it

    Ms M.
    Rincon, GA

    January 24, 2023

    It is the ONLY toy our dog has not completely torn to shreds!

    First let me say, I LOVE these Tearrible toys, but not as much as my pup does! I got him the medium green one last year for Christmas, and it is still going strong with only a few chewed through spots - and one long scar down the back where my dog tried to immediately disembowel him to get the squeaker. But I sewed him up and it only took a week or so for my pup to learn how to play with it. It is the ONLY toy our dog has not completely torn to shreds! So this Christmas, I got him the larger Tearrible because the velcro grip on the green one has gotten too easy to pull apart. And he absolutely loves it! I made a video last night to send to my brother to see if he would like one for their new dog. Then I thought maybe you could use more "real-life" examples of your product at work, so I am sending it to you. Just know you have one more happy customer! 😊

    Kimberly B.
    Fargo, ND

    November 24, 2022

    A big fan!

    Our dog has not put down “Frankie” (the blue Tearrible) we got since we got it! Thank you for making such a great quality product and delivering matched service.

    Katie M.
    The United States

    September 1, 2022


    This is seriously Zoey’s (13year old lab) favorite toy in the whole world. We’re on #3... it lasts forever. She likes to suck on its head. Lol

    Star M.
    The United States

    June 2, 2022

    Love! We have a Weimaraner who doesn't rip her toys to shreds... BUT! She nooks em to death!

    Nooks? Nookin? It's a term given to a Weimaraner breed trait. It is a self soothing thing they do, like a child sucking its thumb. Weims suck on blankets, and other soft things while stressed, and oftentimes for no reason, just drifting off to sleep. She also likes to play tug of war with her plushies, which mama then has to sew ears and noses back on constantly. She knew the package was for her before we even got it open! When presented with TWO toys, you could see her neurotic wheels turning... Yes, she grabbed both toys, and carried them around the house showing off. She whapped the cats upside the head with them, and even presented them to the cockatiels for praise. She roughhoused for a while, and then settled in for some nooking :) Yay! Thank you for saving my blankets! I really think when advertising that you should mention Weimarner Nooking, and that your toys are good for it! Oh! One more funny story. She often brings us her favorite bone, for us to hide FOR her. Yes, I know.. neurotic. She will bring the bone, and walk around looking for a place to bury it, eventually she will start to whine a wee bit, and then bring it to one of us. So we take the bone, and "hide" it (usually behind something on my desk) for her. Which makes her VERY happy. So this morning, she enlisted my aid in carrying her Tearribles around the house to show Daddy, and the cats. LOL She pushed the big one with her nose up against my feet until I got the idea, when I picked it up, she picked up the smaller one.. and we paraded them around the house LOL Shaeda is a very happy puppy, which makes me a very happy mama. Thank you so much for these toys! I've posted it on my Facebook, and to Weimaraner groups as well.

    Rachel Z.
    Daly City, CA

    August 18, 2021

    You guys are the best!

    My dog loves your product

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